Aug. 23rd, 2011

I am here to make a LONGER POST.  Twitter doesn't let me say BAWH! enough.


I am sneaking in, early in the morning.  Mymom has been so busy on the computer with her WORK THINGS that she hasn't let me play on it.

But she has been a pretty good mymom in coming to play TENNIE, and AGILITY, and TRACKING with us.  And now I am DOING THOSE THINGS.  And there is no HEADSPLOSION.

It has been a very long time (almost one whole year!) since I could do things without HEADSPLOSIONS and HEAD ACHIES.  I have an INHALER thing and when it is time for the INHALER THING then I stand and wait and WAGWAGWAG because there are always COOKIES after that.  And mymom showed me how there would be COOKIES when she said, "ConneryBeagle, meet INHALER."  So I always KNEW.

I am not taking as much INHALER as I used to.  That is because of things called SIDE EFFECTS.  Those are not supposed to happen but mymom says my INSIDE HEAD is such a MESS that the medicine is doing things it should NOT.  So I am THIRSTY all the time and I want to go OUT all the time and for a while I had extra water inside me and then when I lost it, it was hard to do things I should be able to do, like JUMP HIGH and BE STRONG. 

I think maybe it is rude to say that my INSIDE HEAD is such a MESS.  But maybe it is.

Mymom just says "AURGH!"

Also she put up a picture of ME.  On her BLOG.  And it is HERE.  Dart Beagle is THERE, TOO.

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